Thursday, May 18, 2006

Graduation Cake Design

I was asked by a good friend of mine to make a cake next month for her daughter's graduation party/open house. I have been designing and decorating cakes for (eek!) at least 30 of my 40 years! I like to get ideas from books and Wilton magazines, but usually combine ideas to come up with something original. I especially enjoy doing 3D decorated cakes. I love to make them to give them as my "gift" for friends and family - the few times I was "hired" it wasn't half as fun! The sketch is of 2 options I am presenting to my friend to choose from - one is festive and colored with the school's maroon and white, the second is a tableau of objects associated with her daughter. Both of them would serve about 120 people, and will take 8 cake mixes (I don't make the cake from scratch when I'm decorating so elaborately)! Just to show you it's possible, I also am posting a photo of a tableau cake I made 5 years ago for another friend's 40th. Yes, it's all edible, except the laminated photos in the scrapbook! And I usually have to be the one to cut and serve the cakes since no one wants to "ruin" them.
P.S. She picked #2! So now I figure out how to bake a Starbucks-cup!

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