Thursday, July 13, 2006

Modern Quilt Along - Kinda Treehouse

After I tried the funky strip quilting on my purses, I wanted to try more of it. I just received "The Modern Quilt Workshop" Tuesday from the library and it is wonderful! Very clear and a good range of projects from simple to complex. The one with the varying width strip blocks is called "Treehouse." I bought $4 of fat quarters of cotton at Joann's and made a quicky version of it. Maybe it will be a baby quilt when it's done - I don't know. The colors are pretty wild - brown and spring green and coral and sky blue. My doggy Gipper thought that it needed a blob of white and tan in the center!

Things I've learned so far:
- Those thin "branch" strips that I skipped are crucial to keep the blocks all the same size. (Grrr!)
- More than 5 fabrics would be necessary to avoid getting "streaks" across the quilt.
- I don't do seam-ripping. This is a learning experience. It'll have the "crude, homemade" look.
I'm looking forward to machine quilting it - I've never tried it...


Ali said...

Like your colour combinations and the textural effect the brown streaky fabric gives.

Autum said...

I just read many of your entries and you are so full of talent! Your cakes are amazing. Gipper is a cutie.

Rachel said...

i love it! machine quilting is fun too. i've done it for all of my quilts!