Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oriental Lily/Shirley Poppy

This weekend I got another beautiful bouquet at the local farmers' market, including a stem of these gorgeous lilies. I love to draw flowers like this, with just a little color, and record the impressions of the experience in doodles all around it. Why the bird stamp? Just for fun! Below is a Shirley Poppy in the same style from last month in my garden. Click on the picture for a larger image to read the words!

Black Micron pen and Prismacolor markers in my sketchbook.


Veronica TM said...

Very pretty drawings. I love how you incorporated your thoughts in the illustration.

Danny Gregory said...

I loved seeing your drawing, sewing, and recipes. Keep at it, Paula! Have you considered joining our Yahoo! group for ongoing community and motivation?
Your pal,

PS Your email address: MommaPajama@hotmail.com bounces back

AnastasiaC said...

beautiful flowers!!! love the writing style too.
you should join EDM - its great and has fun challenges!

wynlen said...

I love the style of these drawings. It's great!