Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Queen Anne's Lace & Clematis Durandii

This year I have a surprise guest in the flower bed! This Queen Anne's lace sprouted up mysteriously (perhaps deposited by a bird at the bird feeder) and quickly topped 6 feet tall. I love these and I used to pick them and put them in colored water to dye them as a child.

This Clematis Durandii was a gift from my sister several years ago, from a Jackson & Perkins catalog gift certificate. It is finally getting big enough to produce multiple blooms, and this year bloomed twice! It is supposed to be blue, according to the catalog, but it is beautifully purple! It climbs next to my bedroom window, entwined with a golden hops.


Ali said...

Queen Anne's lace is one of my favourite plants. Your photos of it are beautiful.

Kate said...

Queen Anne's lace is so pretty - but I only ever see it by the side of roads in industrial areas. It is so strange to see these gigantic, dainty things growing underneath signs for discount tyres!

Your clematis is just lovely too - strong purple colours work such a contrast with the bright greens. You must have a gorgeous garden!