Sunday, August 06, 2006

Eibrin the Mocco

Yesterday I finally fulfilled my word to my younger son, that I would make a softie of one of his created characters. This unusual fellow is Eibrin, a Mocco from Landoo. Moccos are friendly creatures, omnivores who are especially fond of pasta, who have two tails which each have its own small head. The tails can't talk, only the big head, but they can make happy or mad noises. Eibrin, here, is about the size of a cat, but he is young and will grow to be the size of a Labrador Retreiver. Eibrin is very happily living in Washington and sleeping with J. for now!


Ali said...

He's fantastic and so true to your son's picture.

n.b. said...

Wow, you are a wonderful mother! Way to go, both of you.