Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello?? Hello, I'm Home!

I got home from my trip late last night: our flight was delayed two hours due to bad weather further east. I had a wonderful time with Gramma, and got to see my sister and her family too! The farm is so beautiful, I took a bajillion photos with our new camera! I downloaded some of my favorites at flickr.
The autumn colors were just beginning to show, and many of the fields in the area have yet to be harvested. I saw acres of golden dry soy beans, brown corn stalks, orange pumpkin fields and fields of over-ripe watermelons, left behind and splitting open. There were so many animals about - deer, big turkeys, sandhill cranes. My grandmother's farm has been in a conservation program for years, so it is like a big 200 acre wildlife preserve! All the hunters are coming a-courtin' to grandma's door for permission to hunt on her land, but she turns them all away!


capello said...

yay! glad you had a safe trip!

Nancy Bea said...

Welcome home!