Thursday, October 19, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Smitten"

"Melissa had thought the blind date was a disaster, but in the morning it was obvious that Bill was smitten."
A quick and silly illustration for this week's Illustration Friday topic. Thanks for your concern, I'm feeling better!

I have been spending time working on my homework for my children's book illustration class. I just got home from the third class - which really was my first class! I missed class the first time because I was traveling, but then I missed the second class because I had the times wrong!! Grrrr! So tonight I finally made it! The instructor has us doing thumbnails and pencil sketches of spreads from Margaret Wise Brown's Bunny's Noisy Book. I think the original book was illustrated by Garth Williams, but we're not supposed to peek and get preconceived ideas! Much of the class has been about drawing tips and technical stuff like making dummies, bleeds, and indicating type position which I already know, but I have been making a nuisance of myself asking LOTS of questions about working with a publisher, getting myself known, etc. Craig is being patient with me, I think he's used to students who are less knowlegeable of the process. All you great blogging illustrators have already educated me so much!
So this is my second spread, which is of the baby bunny avoiding the fox. Next week we will continue on this spread, blowing it up to full size and making it in color.


michael dailey said...

now the question is does she care lol cute illo

Anonymous said...

Your course sounds fascinating. But I'd be wary of Bill if I were Melissa.

capello said...

what a cool practice -- although i'm the type of person that would still take a peak. bad, i know.

and melissa should look out... engangement ring after one blind date? bill sounds a wee bit psycho.

Going For Greatness said...

I am a big fan of Garth Williams as I am a dedicated fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Garth's illustrations are forever etched in my mind... I have read and re-read the Little House series 100s of times......
Love your sketch!