Friday, December 08, 2006

Giant Cupcake, No Calories!

I haven't knitted in almost nine months: I guess I burned out a while after knitting/crocheting up a storm for the previous several years! I was looking at last year's Christmas shopping list and realized I made about 10 gifts last year, none this year! As you can see, it was about nine months ago I began this blog when I started drawing again after a 20-year hiatus.

But I have still been ordering new pattern books as they come in at our fabulous public library system and last month there was a picture I couldn't resist! Everyone needs a knitted cupcake, right? I used all materials I had on hand - Lion cotton, Homespun, stuffing, and assorted buttons (yes, I do have a large stash bag to choose out of). This was very satisfying and quick to make - and it went home to live with just the right person!


capello said...

that is the cutest cupcake ever!

(just yesterday i saw someone selling cupcake pincushions and she was charging almost thirty buck for them! thirty bucks!)

n.b. said...

I love it Paula! You are amazing, and so is THE CUPCAKE!