Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mom Stuff

Howdy, just checking in. Life is wonderfully mellow lately. The boys have had some friends over, we've gone out to use some of their gift cards to get some new games. I spent several hours going through the toy box and toy/craft closet and filled up several garbage bags and a box for church. Whoa- isn't it crazy how the Legos and the Knex and the Bionicals and the cards and the game pieces all end up in the bottom of the toybox together? But my boys are getting older now, and after our cleaning I realized we hardly need a toybox anymore.

I've been playing around with my new acrylic paints... mixing and tinting and goofing off. I started another bird painting on a small canvas. Right now I'm painting at the dining room table and moving my stuff all the time... so I'm still painting from photos 'cause there's no place for a still life setup to live undisturbed. I'm learning though! And tomorrow I'm going to go get inspired at the Tacoma Art Museum's exhibit of Eric Carle!

P.S. I'm freaking out at the paintings over at A Painting a Day - $780 for a 4" x 4" painting of an egg?? The power of the internet!

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Ali said...

I love Eric Carle - lucky you! And please tell me how long it is until I can see light at the end of the infernal toybox!