Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Reason for the Season

About five years ago, my gramma gave me her nativity set that she made. Gram was very big into ceramics for a long time and would supply all the grandkids with figurines, lamps, and banks. Her nativity set, though, was very special to me. On the very few occasions that we made the long drive up to Michigan for Christmas, it was there on her mantel: each figure handpainted, the camels glittering with their added jewels. I loved to look at it, and I felt so honored when she gave it to me.
The nativity was also a major part of hubby's Christmas tradition growing up too. In Guam, every family will erect an elaborate "belen" in their home - more important than having a Christmas tree. They bring in moss from the jungle, put potted plants all around it... In the very Catholic tradition of Guam, the rosary is said every night for the ten days before Christmas, and then everyone goes to Mass on Christmas Eve.
I enjoy having the nativity up on our mantel every Christmas as a reminder of both of our families, and of the Reason for the season!

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bekka said...

what a lovely nativity. we have two, the first one we bought because we needed one, but didn't like it. then 2 years ago i found one i liked better. but still, they can't compare to something made with love by a family member. lucky you!