Saturday, February 17, 2007

Caution: Bragging Mother Ahead!

Looking at my younger son's art and a new library book gave me an idea for another art project (like I needed one!). I guess I like having a "lite" artwork in process when the bird paintings are drying or just being mulled over for a day.j
J. is an awesome artist! He is so good at facial expressions and has an innate sense of perspective and depth. He has amassed quite a few drawings of "Bill," a cartoon dude of his own invention, with a complex range of emotions and skills. I thought it would be great to make a more displayable, permanent painting to show off J.'s creations.

- Canvas. We chose two 8" x 24" canvases at Joann's Superstore. This way, we could display six of J.'s drawings. But you could use any size.
- Acrylic paint
- Carbon paper
- Scans or photocopies of kid art
Step 1 - Pick out some bright colors to use as backgrounds to the drawings. J. had definite opinions on this! Tape the canvases into thirds and give each two coats of paint.

jStep 2 - Print out the kid art at large sizes that will fill the whole block, even running off an edge or two. Decide on the order or arrangement.
Step 3 - Use the carbon paper to trace the copies onto each background block.
Step 4 - Paint in the art, using the original art as a color guide. Consult with the artist as needed!
Step 5 - Use a Sharpie pen to put the lines back on top of the paint.
I'll be sure to post the painting when we get it done!


VictoriaE said...

I love this idea.
And am enjoying your paintings.
Brag all you want about your kids art, it's brilliant!

AnastasiaC said...

How cool!! Im trying to get Peter to draw and paint often...I have to ignore the mess he creates and enjoy the moment....