Saturday, February 10, 2007

Footloose on the Ferry

My 10 year old and I had a lovely different-kind-of-Saturday today. It seems like we've been going a hundred miles an hour around here since Christmas, so it was nice to just go with the flow.
This morning we had "ultimate breakfast" which meant scrambled eggs, pancakes (wheat-free, of course) and fried salami for J. We did have to fight off the dinosaur though. Bad Fido!
Then we decided to get dressed and walk onto the ferry with our doggie and go exploring. It was cool but sunny - perfect to walk about on the top deck with Gipper. We had some fries in Kingston, ran around the park, walked all over the marina and docks and looked at boats and seastars, and found some fun art galleries (which I quickly checked out to get ideas for pricing my acrylics -holy moley! The prices they were asking were high! I wonder if they sell at that price? The proprietress said they are local artists, too.)
Then on the way home on the ferry, J. threw pretzels at the gulls so I could get lots of close-up and action shots. I got some great ones! I would need to get at least a 12" canvas to paint a life-size seagull! I can totally envision this photo as a painting - I love the curve of the post, the pattern of the dark water and his rubbery pink feet!

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bekka said...

i love ferries!