Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not Deprived

O.K, I don't eat wheat. And, I don't eat dairy - not even an eensy-weensy little bit. I mean, I'm not even tempted, the consequences are that bad.

But NO, I am NOT DEPRIVED! Not as long as good people like Annalise Roberts write gluten-free cookbooks as good as this one! This coconut cake was so good and so rich, I could barely finish a one-inch slice. Barely.

Our lovely library system keeps a steady influx of new cookbooks and this one was so good, I had to buy it.

But I only make desserts on Sundays, when we have family over for dinner and the dessert gets polished off that day (To my 5 year old nephew I'm known as "Auntie Cake"). Otherwise I'd never have lost the fifteen pounds since Christmas.


capello said...

mmmmm... coconut cake. ::drool::

what's she use for the flour base?

Rebecca said...

wonderful to hear that your library system feeds your mind and body, too!

AnastasiaC said...

Looks great!! i love coconut!

Nancy Bea said...

Oh wow, fifteen pounds! Congratulations. I need to hear how you did it. That cake looks fabulous by the way.