Saturday, May 26, 2007

End-of-the-School-Year Fidgets

Drawing silly pictures during school. What will the teacher say? Oops, I am the teacher!

J. finished his math book yesterday and he did our traditional homeschool finished-out-a-subject song and dance: "Good-bye, Math! See you next year..." and traditional toss-the-book-over-your-shoulder celebration. He's come a long way this year. We figured out it makes all the difference if he has a good breakfast including both carbs and protein. No protein, no focus!

Z. is almost finished with his online Algebra II course, although the last unit has been a struggle. A lot of it has to do with the clunkiness of taking a course on line and typing in the answers exactly as the computer wants. It has been very frustrating for him to spend a ton of time on a problem, just to get it wrong because the program wanted the answer rounded to the hundredths, not the thousandths. Part of the problem is having a mother who has data-dumped advanced math in exchange for crochet patterns and flower names (Hey, I aced it back in my day - who was to know I'd need to retain it?). I'm thinking it will really help Z. to have the interaction of being in senior math at the high school next year. He's tall enough, maybe they won't even have to know he's only an eighth grader...

Drawing in Micron black ink in my sketchbook of Clematis durandii, a jar of duck and swan feathers, J's stuffed penguin, a rubber duckie and a fisherman's hook necklace.


capello said...

yeah, i've noticed i HAVE TO have protein and carbs at every meal or i start feeling ill.

love the sketch!x

AnastasiaC said...

great tip on the breakfast - its a sad fact so
many kids go to school skipping breakfast altogether!
love your line drawing!!