Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sketch Journaling

One of my favoritest books ever is Creative License by Danny Gregory.
In one of the chapters he compares drawing to driving. Are we born with the "gift" of drawing? Just like driving, our drawing skills can be developed by practicing, practicing, practicing! At first it may feel awkward, but with persistence and determination, it will come more and more naturally. Nevermind what your early drawings look like - by just taking 5 or 10 minutes to draw a flower, your lunch or yourself you will capture a moment of time in a way that will stay with you in a much more permanent way than any photo or words can.
I've recently begun my third sketch journal and something I like to do is to make a fabric cover for them. It makes them friendlier and more pleasant to carry along, plus the closure keeps the pages from getting ruffled and dog-earred. My last cover was flowery, old-timey calico. This one is cut from an old pair of my jeans and decorated (so far) with a chain-stitched robin and a painted flower. I wanted to get this cover done before my trips next month so I can bring it along with my little zipper pouch of tools, so I don't implode from art-deprivation.

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