Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tea for Two... Hundred

Yesterday I hosted a table at our church's Ladies Spring Tea and it was an estrogeny-good time! The hats, gloves, and heels overflowed the room as girls ages 9 to 91 played dress up and nibbled and sipped and chatted. The tables were absolutely lovely with china ranging from Fiestaware to Waterford, and lots of food, food, FOOD! Salads and finger sandwiches, scones and strawberries and cream, jellies and lemon curd to go with our tea. At my table I used my parents' wedding china and lilacs and polkadots.
The guest speaker was gardening expert and seed distributor, Ed Hume. He was funny and so enthused about plants! He had lots of tips for plant combinations in the garden, home remedies for plant problems, and plant ecology facts. Did you know the grass in a 5,000 square foot yard produces enough oxygen to support 8 people? And that a large tree processes the same amount of air as 10 room-sized air conditioners running 10 hours a day?
Lots of fun! I happened to have five ladies at my table with 13-14 year-old sons too, and six of them homeschoolers, so we had plenty to chat about!


Jeannie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Your table is beautiful.


Misty said...

how lovely! it sounds and looks just beautiful! I love it!