Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beauty, Inside and Out!

Hello! How are you? It's looking summery around here, although my yard continues to exist in a time warp 2-4 weeks behind other neighborhoods as far as bloom times. Due to our eclipse-like shady conditions, I suppose. Look, Nancy! Nasturiums! I've tried to grow nasturiums many times, with pitious results, but now I know the secret! Fill a pot with the sandiest, cruddiest soil you can find, plant the seeds, and neglect them! Masochistic plants!
Other beauty to be appreciated - nemesia, rock roses (from my last year's Mother's Day gift from the boys), and a Bonica rose that Mom bought me when we moved into this house five years ago.
I'm working on a "personalized portrait" (this type of thing) of my sister's girls, as an advertisement for commission work in my space at the upcoming Art Splash show next month. I've made up some business cards for both my fine art paintings and drawings and for the personalized-type paintings.
The kindness and generosity of my artists' network group continues to astound me! Last week, the artist with whom I traded paintings referred me to the owner of a gallery for my bird paintings and I am going up to show her my stuff this week. (I'm working on another small bird painting to add to my offerings, too!) Another artist offered yesterday to have me over to see her studio, since I am looking to convert my guest room into one of my own. Beautiful people!


Misty said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!I think I would die of bliss if I walked out my door every day (or glanced out a window, even!)

Nancy Bea said...

Oh Paula...your nasturtiums are gorgeous! Your other flowers too, but you know my tastes. All the seeds you sent me sprouted ...soon to bloom I think! It could be that my soil is too good (darn you, rich compost-full garden beds!), which delays bloom time. I'll add some sand next year. I don't have any "crud" on hand! ;-)