Thursday, July 05, 2007

Looking at my options...

Today I took my paintings (the tulip, bluebird, gull, lemons, and bluejay) and some prints of other paintings (the oriole, chickadee, and bumblebee) over to the eastside of the lake and showed them to a gallery owner. I didn't eat much beforehand. Gulp.
It is a really cool place. Lots of different styles of paintings, blown glass, jewelry, carved wood, dolls. And it's in a really neat old-fashioned country-style shopping district.
And...she liked my stuff! She gave me her opinions on size and prices and subject matter, and she said she'd be HONORED to carry my paintings! And I don't have to wait until I do a bunch, she'll take 5 or so at a time. So, by the end of the summer, I will be in a gallery.
Way cool!
Photo of a daisy and bee with Photoshop watercolor filter. I was taking reference photos of daisies for a painting I'm currently working on!


jeannie said...

Great job!!!!

capello said...


Nancy Bea said...

Yahoo! Go Paula! You must be levitating instead of walking these days!

janet clare said...

Congratulations - you were brave! I've done that before and the owner didn't even have the grace to look and I left feeling very small. Well done !

MamaZuzi said...

Yes congratulations. Good of you to be so forthright and brave. I have friends who have said I should try to get my cards into a cool local shop (photo cards that is). I got all excited about the prospects and other options and then got busy and no doubt nervous and have not done it. Darn that negative self talk. Congrats again... maybe it will inspire me to get back to trying (after a 2 week beach vacation that is)!

norma said...

I think your work is wonderful and I'm not surprised at all that they loved it. Congratulations!!!