Thursday, October 25, 2007

October's Done!

When I saw Vicki's patchwork pillow and tutorial, I finally knew what to do with my October flower embroidery! (I'm not fooling myself that I'd get all 12 months done and make a quilt!) I had an 18" pillow form on hand, so I downsized the instructions a bit (left off the edge strips) and went for it last night. I'm pleased with the odds and ends of fat quarters that I had on hand to choose from to match the thread colors. If I showed you the back, you'd see I used two different fat quarters for the backing, with a row of flat buttons to hold it closed.
Thanks for sharing, Vicki! The embroidery is from her free patterns too!


~Vicki said...

It's beautiful! Good idea about leaving off the strips for a smaller pillow form. And what a great way to use the free flower-of-the-month blocks. Time to start one for November now! :o)

Anonymous said...

Your pillow is beautiful!! The fabrics you chose look great with your embroidery!!

Helen in Malden, MA

Nancy Jo said...

That came out really nice, I just have a question. Is the center embroidered piece put on top of the squares, or are the squares sewn to it? You see I'm just not that smart. HA.I do a lot of embroidery, in fact most of my patterns come from Miss Vicki. I make lots of things, I make pillows, but the whole top is embroidered.
Well if you have time stop over at my site and tell me how to put an embroidered piece on a pillow.
I plan on getting a lot smarter in the future.

Katie said...

beautiful job. this inspires me to start embroidery!

Appliejuice said...

That is beautiful.