Friday, January 18, 2008

Going With the Flow

I had fun being spontaneous with a pack of blank cards yesterday. I needed to finally get my Christmas thank yous out, and I decorated a whole pack of cards with this and that, and wrote them all while I homeschooled. The dark smears you see are actually metallic silver: doesn't photograph well.
Yesterday I also went to my second ever yoga class. Where have you been all my life, Yoga?? I have gone to aerobics classes in the past (a long time ago, ahem) but that has been my only foray into exercise classes. I hated aerobics! Everyone in their perfect outfits, doing their perfect routines! Yechhhhh! But having heard about yoga from several resources, I decided to check it out. TOTALLY a different experience! Low lights, soft music, go at your own pace at your own level, no comparisons or competition, stretching, balancing, breathing. I've felt like I've just had a massage after each class!

Here's to new discoveries and healthier habits!


Sushi Mama said...

Looks pretty. Erm, thank you cards. I guess I should do that too. XD. Although I don't know if I can be as ambitious as your artful hand made ones.

jeannie said...

So, yoga, you are inspiring me. I have been thinking about yoga but wasn't sure. I might try it!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

You're inspiring! I have tried a few yoga classes and they are all different. If I could find one like yours I'd sign up in a jiff.

Judy Wise said...

I had to try 4 different teachers before I found the one I have now for yoga. My DH & I go once a week and we've been with our teacher for over 5 years now. Wouldn't dream of giving it up - it adds 10 years of youth to your body. xoxo