Monday, March 24, 2008

School's for the Birds!

Steller's Jay, Varied Thrush, Hairy Woodpecker
Spotted Towhee, Northern Flicker, European Starling
Blackcapped Chickadee, American Robin, American Crow

Why, hello there! How are you? I wanted to share something special that happened today. My son & I were doing our homeschool lessons at the dining table, when we were distracted by all the activity outside the windows. What was going on? Some kind of bird convention it seemed! In the space of 10 minutes we saw all of the birds pictured here! We interrupt this math lesson for some zoology!


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Oh wow! How wonderful!

MamaZuzi said...

Glad you are back... thought you'd never return and I need more blogs to read for distraction :-)

Ziakoko said...

Hey I homeschool too! We found newts in our pond this week- so zoology must be taking over everywhere!