Friday, May 02, 2008

The End of an Era

Whew. Lots and lots of changes in my life. I've got to say that this has been the most painful year of my recently-turned-42 year life, but that, although excruciating, the pain has not been for nought. Good has come of it. Like breaking and resetting a poorly-healed bone, I imagine.

My journey through employment was short-lived. After 90 days, the jig was up and I'm unemployed again. After 14 years mothering and jobless, it was a roller-coaster ride back into the world I lived in B.C. (before children), back when I was in my 20's and was willing to make the job my first priority, 60, 80 or 100 hours a week if duty or the client called. But at this stage, finishing up our homeschool year, mothering and teaching and trying to get my head straight, I wasn't the "team player" that I used to be. And that is my choice.

And, speaking of homeschooling: this nine-year era of my life ends in just a few weeks. The big guy is headed to high school as a full-time freshman in the fall, where he has already spent a few years taking advanced courses I couldn't teach him. He seems excited at the prospect, already stepping up his pace of getting school work done right away, in preparation for a full schedule next year. And looking forward to our promised summer project: moving his brother out so they each have their own rooms. Aaaah! Teen bliss! They've shared a room, willingly, for 11 years, but as their developing personalities diverge as they mature, they need more independence for the sake of peace and sanity.

And not-so-little second son? He took a trial visit to the local elementary 5th grade this week (which he LOVED) in preparation for switching from homeschool next fall. BUT, after his visit the teacher, principal and school psychologist all advised me that they'd like to see him start 5th grade NOW.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

After much discussion and prayer, we decided that this is indeed the best course, for many reasons. So starting Monday, May 5th, my 11 year old, my baby, will go to school for the first time.

We bought school supplies and school lunch fixings with our groceries yesterday. He is very excited. This boy is Mr. Social and will know everyone's name the first week, and have them all over at our house by the second week. The elementary is relatively small (2 classes of about 25 for each grade) and a half-mile from our house.

So, I know I'm blathering. 98% of families have done this with their kids from kindergarden, but for me it's all new. And exciting. And a little scary.

This is my drawing of me homeschooling, done 2 years ago.

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Ali said...

Change is scary, but hope yours bring all good things.