Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ups & Downs

Well, my son J. has been perfectly thrilled with his brand-new 5th grade experience ... until today. It seems he and two other boys are working on a display for the health fair together (on E. coli, echhh!) and one boy is not pulling his weight. And tomorrow they all have to miss recess to finish the project in time. Oh the tragedy! My husband & I have both told him that this is just something that everyone deals with their whole lives, not that that relieves the tragic unfairness!
Here are some pretty peony buds I bought at this Saturday's farmers' market. They finally had a nice, warm sunny day and it was packed with people and their puppies and children. Some enterprising couple was making a killing selling Hawaiian shaved ice! Besides the flowers, I bought a locally-made soap and granola and a bush fuschia. Not too much interesting by way of produce yet - still wintery stuff.


Mitchypoo said...

One thing I miss about living in Minnesota is the peonies! Those are just lovely! I had fuschia, pink and white peony. They just will not grow in CA, bummer!

Sushi Mama said...

I can just imagine how upset he was at that. :P Ah well, it's good training for later in how to deal with it, right? See you soon!

Jeannie said...

I never liked doing group projects for that very reason, but it does teach a very good lesson..... Those kinds of things still happen in adult life, there really is no way around them, you just have to learn to accept them and get the work done yourself!