Friday, July 11, 2008

Comfy, Cozy Office

Waaaa-hooooo! The office redo is finally finished! I hung the last picture on the wall last night, and now we can bask in the cozy neatness of the former wasteland that is our office!
I almost wish I had a picture of how shockingly messy it was "before." Maybe if I run into one in my photo archives I'll add it in here so you can see the stark contrast. Leave it to say that anyone who had experienced it would open the door to this room and say, "Oh, I've never seen this office - where is the other scary blue office?"
What did we do, you ask? (deep breath) We:
  1. 1. Took everything out and sorted six years of sludge.

2. Rearranged the furniture, put one filing cabinet in the closet, and added a chair and ottoman we found on

3. Bought and installed a new swing-arm lamp and overhead light fixture.

4. Scraped and patched the water damage on the ceiling and window wall from a roof leak a couple years ago. (That was an adventure! The water was literally pouring down from the old light fixture onto the floor!)

5. Made two throw pillows and had a friend make a valance.

6. Recovered our old favorite computer chair with new corduroy fabric.

7. Painted the walls Behr Paint's "Peanut Butter" and the doors and trim "Creme Brulee." (yes, we have a food thing going with the paint colors in the whole house! The living room is Napa Grape, the entryway is Golden Popover, and our bedroom is Deep Cherry and Camembert).

8. Spray painted the mishmash of picture frames flat black, and finally (ummmm, 20 years later) got around to framing our college diplomas so we could hang them with a photo of the Golden Dome.

Yay! The office is actually pleasant to be in now!


Anonymous said...

looks nice

Sushi Mama said...

Congratulations on such a big project. What about the mural on the closet door? *whistles innocently*

themarlatts said...


I was trying to get to my own blog, and accidentally got to yours. We surprisingly have a lot in common - quilting, gardening, and evidently a love for rhubarb!

The world is a crazy place!

Kim Carney said...

would you come do mine now? ;)