Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Stuff

The garden has exploded! We have finally had a week of warm-to-hot weather, and everything is growing right in front of my eyes!
We did have a little "incident" concerning some of the gorgeous, almost-blooming foxgloves in the garden ... my 11 year-old son decided to eliminate most of them with his pocketknife. "Protecting" me from their poisonousness, he said. Ahem.

This week my husband surprised me with a beautiful new piece of art, "Edge of the Aspens" by local Washington artist, Steve Harmston. I had admired it at the local art festival a few weeks ago, and he contacted the artist and bought it for me. It is a serigraph (a.k.a. screenprinting) and is a limited edition print.

I snuck this photo of my 14 year-old son through my studio window while the boys were washing the cars. He's camera shy - shhh, don't tell! My baby - wahhh!

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Sushi Mama said...

That's some zoom you got there on your camera.