Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking it for a Test Drive

I am working on a longer-term sewing project: a twin bed-sized quilt. It is made up of ALL the cotton prints I have on hand, including a lot of old clothing scraps. My sons' blankies, my college bed sheet, my hubby's old robe - lots of memories. Plus, I am randomly sprinkling in squares with embroidered pictures. Nothing too girly, because my younger son asked me to keep it "unisex" (in case he calls dibs on it in the future I think. He is a sentimental one!)
But as you can see, someone else is calling dibs on it already, before the squares are even all sewed together.
"Itz mine, Mommee! OK? Thanx!"


Supervised Mama said...

Way cute picture! I love to sew. My grandma gave me her very old sewing machine, because I love it so much. We just don't have any where to put it yet, with living with the in-laws. When I was little I made a quilt all out of demin from old jeans we had, I embroidered pictures and most of the pieces. It turned out really cool and it was so warm.

It's a great time to start this project, it'll be fun to do over the winter. Keep up posted with picts.

Sushi Mama said...

*has a mental picture of J and Gip having a tug of war*