Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Workin' It

Thought I'd share a photo of the holiday window I drew for my store, Manna Mills Natural Food Market. It was on the window for December and then I replaced it (haven't photographed it yet) with a New Year one.
I'm up to over 30 hours a week now at the store, which is a huge change from my previous stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom life, but I like it. There are lots of interesting products and I meet lots of interesting people and 99.9% of them are very friendly. I think ours is the kind of store people go to with the mindset of looking around and exploring, not in-and-out rushing, and are usually in the mood to chat or at least smile. And usually they like to talk about health or recipes, whether it be a mom with little kids, an immigrant with little English, or lonely senior. I have learned so many interesting things like how to grow sprouts on a windowsill and how to make injera (Ethiopian/Eritrean teff flatbread). It's never boring!
click on the photo to see it bigger


Nancy Bea Miller said...

It looks great!

Chrisy said...

Very warm and inviting...