Sunday, June 14, 2009

Successes and Failures: all learning experiences

Lots of changes in the home garden here! Let me catch up:

- We harvested our first crop! Our "square" of radishes was ready to pull, true to the seed packet's prediction at 21 days. Very pretty and fun to pick. If only we liked to eat them...
- The spinach in the backyard bed has bolted in the warm weather. It is only 1-3 inches tall, so THAT experiment was a bust. The spinach in the front yard is about ready to harvest and is a good size and only about 4 weeks old. The sun exposure makes all the difference.
- The sugar snap peas, on the other hand, are doing TERRIFIC in the backyard. They have outgrown their tomato-cage trellises and are blooming like crazy now. I'm thinking of planting more for the fall since they've been so successful so far.
- The new asian pear got "pear blight" in the one variety branch that bloomed. So snip, off it came! It looks a bit unbalanced but there is still a stub to regrow for next year.
- I planted a whole bed of purple bush beans in the 2nd backyard bed, just because I had them. With the low light, I'm not sure how successful they'll be. I've grown them there in the past, but the surrounding trees have grown to block even more sunlight since then.
- Lastly, we were able to acquire a whole BUNCH of these broken cement sidewalk chunks for free from a neighbor down the street. They will be used for path paving according to our plan...

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