Friday, September 04, 2009

Freedom Harvest August Tally

Here I am weighing in to the Freedom Harvest Challenge for August 2009. These are the results of two 3 x 8' beds, one in my very shady backyard and new one in my mostly-sunny front yard. Construction of a larger front yard garden with 6 beds is underway. This harvest is a huge improvement over last year's 1/2 lb. total (one unhappy cherry tomato in a pot). The last and largest item is the wild blackberries we pick from the bushes on the dead-end road nearby. I made 3 batches of jam from them this year and froze several large bags too.

- "Stupice" tomato: 8 lbs.
- Pickling cucumbers: 1 lb.
-Jalapeno peppers: 1 lb.
- Royal Burgundy string beans: 5 lbs.
- Basil: 1/2 lb.
- Copra yellow onions: 1/2 lb.
- "Mammoth" dill: 1/2 lb.
- Sunflower seeds: (the squirrels aren't telling)
- Wild blackberries: 15 lbs.

Total grown: 16.5 lbs
Total grown and gleaned: 31.5 lbs.

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