Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Tea with Dagny" and "Donuts"

My latest doodle. I have been drawing in the Mary Engelbreit style lately, enjoying her wood/china/fabric textures, but this is my own confabulation. On Friday mornings, I sometimes go for a visit to one of my friends from church, Dagny, who is in her mid-80s and lives alone. We always have some tea and a snack, chat and pray together. It is good to have friends of all ages! She is so sweet and always writes down my concerns in her prayer notebook so she can remember to keep them in her daily prayers!

This second drawing is by my 12 year old son. He was home from school with a cold on Monday, and was amusing himself with my art supplies. He was impressed with the effects I get with the Prismacolor pencils over marker, so I gave him some pointers and he made this enticing plate himself! He was very tickled at all the praises he got when he put the drawing on his facebook page!


Judy said...

Why to go Jonah That artistic talent will serve you so well in so many ways now and when you get older. Grandma Judy

Drania said...

Wow, I love the drawings, they're absolutely amazing!

I'm completely new to blogging, and so I'm just browsing random people right now, trying to learn some 'blogging etiquette', but I couldn't stop myself from commenting on this. Your son is very talented, much like yourself - I simply love the 'Tea with Dagny' doodle. :]