Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid-May Update

The garden is looking good this spring! Everything is springing up and getting bigger right in front of our eyes, especially on sunny days. Above is one of the "early spring" planted beds, with some crops ready to harvest. Radishes, lettuce and spinach can be plucked any time now!

Here is the view of all four of the veggie beds, now complete, from our living room window. Our garden is in the front yard, but is not very visible to the street due to a retaining wall, perennial border, and bushes between the garden and street. From the living room picture window, though, it's ALL on display! Here you can see the two "early spring" beds at the top, filled up and growing, and the two "late spring" beds with a few occupants but mostly waiting a bit longer (Memorial Day weekend?) to be planted with the veggies sunning themselves on nice days only.

What have I learned lately? Potatoes grow really fast once they make it out above the soil and you better be ready to hill them up! Slugs love bok choy best: leave room for a dish of beer bait in the square.

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