Monday, August 14, 2006

Artist-In-Action Debut!

Yesterday afternoon, I had my first session as the "Artist In Action" at the local artists' show. I didn't put any pieces in the show but I am helping out for 4 hours this week by being one of the "live art" demos outside the show. The coordinator suggested that I bring some samples of my work to display as I worked, so I CUT UP MY SKETCHBOOK (boy, that felt weird!) and framed 5 of my favorite drawings.
I brought along some fruit to model for me and produced two one-hour drawings while I was there. The first was this pineapple, which I messed with after I came home and added the writing and the stamped letters. (click on the drawing to see it bigger and read the wording) I ended up really liking it, and I think I will frame it and put it up in our newly repainted entryway! The second drawing was of some lemons, and I am still "messing" with that one! Overall, it was a good experience and I got a LOT more encouraging remarks from the passers-by. I also gleaned ideas of what I'd need to do to hang pieces in the show next time.


Ali said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself - I love watching people at work - fascinating.

AnastasiaC said...

wonderful pineapple - Id love to see your framed work up close!!
have fun!