Sunday, August 13, 2006

10 Things I Do When I'm Not Doing Art Stuff

Ellia at greenbeanbaby wants to know what we do when we aren't making art. So here are my 10 things (this is the summer vacation version, soon I'll be back to homeschooling and the boys' wrestling season):
1. I get groceries. My two boys are amazing eaters as they are now out of the picky toddler stage and into the TORNADO HITS THE PANTRY AND FREEZER stage. Can anyone else have 6 different boxes of cereal opened and know that NONE of them will live long enough to go stale?
2. I bake. Not only are the men an appreciative audience, I can't eat wheat or dairy so if I want any baked goods, they must be homemade. Thankfully, I enjoy baking and I can make a great pie, cake or cookies without that stuff anyway! It's actually a good thing that I can't eat all the bread, chips, and candy that the boys have around!
3. I take walks with Gipper, my doggy. Many times my hubby goes with me, now that the boys are old enough to be left alone for an hour. And I usually take my camera now, thanks to the Year of Color!
4. I put stuff away. Although the boys are big and they can clean up their own stuff, it is still amazing the amount of putting away that needs to happen everyday. But all that up-and-down the stairs is good exercise.
5. I listen to inspirational tapes and CDs. I like to hear the good stories and teaching. I am one of those weirdos who doesn't watch TV at all (who has time??)
6. I reserve books and magazines from the library. Our library has an awesome monthly email newsletter, where all the topics that you are interested in and check off are sent to you and the new offerings are described so you can reserve them ASAP. And with a 40 library system, there are a LOT! I am always getting new craft and art books, decorating books, and books to review for the boys for homeschooling or for fun reading.
7. I garden. The bachelor buttons and California poppies are lasting for months, but I have to keep on top of the deadheading or they'll quit! Unfortunately, all the beautiful veggie starts that our friend shared with us, and that I babied on the window sill for months, all seem to be in a permanant babyhood state, due to our very shady backyard. Not one tiny green pumpkin or tomato! I feel like a plant murderer!
8. I sort the mail and toss the junkmail. Is anyone else disgusted with this?!!
9. I "bother" my hubby. He is blessed with a flexible schedule and often works at home for at least part of the day. So I like to buzz by the office and bite him at the computer. He has learned to shut the door if he can't be interrupted on a serious phone call!
10. I take a nap! I am an early bird (you'll notice if I've left a comment for you!) and 20-30 minutes in the afternoon totally revives me and I'm good until 10:30-11.

Hope YOU don't need a nap after this long post! Thanks, Ellia, that was fun!


ellia said...

oh oh how fun!!!!

so 6 cereals and none go stale? impressive!!! we have 2 and both go stale hahahhaha!

you do a ton of activities- how wonderful! from baking to gardening to putting stuff away... how wonderful!!! and that is sweet that you "bother" your hubby... what a luxury (except for those days when marriage seems to hit a rough moment)

fun, thanks so much for sharing!!!

AnastasiaC said...

a great list!! nice to peek into your life this way!
ive heard growing boys eat everything in the pantry! Im waiting for that to happen LOL