Monday, January 29, 2007

Beautiful Wintery Washington

The four of us just got home last night from a roadtrip all the way across the state (a 5 hour drive) to Spokane. We had such a great time! We haven't had a long driving trip together in a lo-o-ong time!

The scenery was incredible! The frozen fog on the fields and trees made it into a black-and-white fantasyland! For miles and miles, as far as we could see was only white farmland, occasional trees, and periodic icy rivers. You cannot imagine the grandeur of it - it was like being on another planet, or, as my younger son said, in Narnia!

And then, suddenly, it was replaced with - cold, dry desert hills at the Columbia River crossing.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! I hope you all had a good time!!!


I love seeing what you are all up to!

Kim Carney said...

I want to see that! wow. Maybe I should take a road trip to Narnia too ;)

Kim Carney said...

"you are tagged" for 6 weird things about yourself ;)