Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Six Weird Things Meme

Kim has tagged me for the "Six Weird Things About Me" meme. So I'm supposed to expose my weirdness to the world? And to my parents and siblings and in-laws and aunties and uncles who read this blog? Ooooooo-kayyyyyy... here goes:

1. I wake up extremely early every morning. Without an alarm. It doesn't matter when I go to bed. Usually I waken at 5-5:30, but sometimes earlier. Naps are my friend.

2. I can't eat any dairy or wheat or I get quite sick. Dairy has bothered me to a small degree for 20 years, but I have had to cut it out completely for the last 2-1/2 years. Not even one chocolate chip or I'm writhing in bed with a heating pad for 4 hours. No wheat either. Which means it's a good thing I like to bake from scratch because store-bought foods are hard to find. My younger son has recently joined me in this diet, and it's cured his tummy troubles too.

3. My family has lots of duplicate names. My brother married a lady with my first name. My sister married a guy with my husband's first name. My brother (who has the same name as my father) married a woman who's identical twin's husband has the same first name as he does. Our poor kids and nieces and nephews have to identify us by state!

4. I have a very hard time speaking to someone with an accent without accidentally affecting their accent. This is very embarrassing. I have to REALLY concentrate to keep using my regular voice!

5. Incidentally, I have a little girl's voice even now as a 40 year old. When I answer the telephone, the telemarketers say, "Hi Honey, is your mommy home?" and I say, "No, she lives in Florida. May I help you?"

6. I have a dog-nose. No, not visually like a dog's, it has the sensitivity of a dog's. No sneaking the last piece of pie - I'll smell it on your breath ... an hour later ... at 10 paces!

Weird enough for you? Hope I made you smile!

P.S. This meme has been going around for a while, so I won't tag anyone officially, but if you want to expose your inner weirdo too, let me know and I'll link to you here!


Kim Carney said...

those are good, weird things. I am going to try the little girl voice with telemarketers ;)

AnastasiaC said...

What a great post!!! You must sound super sweet...had to laugh at the accent one...come to think of it I probably do that too!

n.b. said...

Thanks for sharing! I am with you on wierdnesses 4 and 5. When I lived in Scotland for a year people could never peg me. They could tell I wasn't a native but they'd guess "Are you from Wales?" "Guernsey?"or whatever. I wasn't putting on an accent on purpose, which made it all the more embarrassing. And number five, yeah, I too get the "Hi, may I speak to your Mommy?" all the time.