Sunday, January 14, 2007

Princess Sammy

This is our shy doggy, Sam. She is a lab, and she is almost 12 years old. We have had her since she was 3, when we adopted her from my brother in Florida. He had gotten her as a puppy, but couldn't keep her when his second child had severe allergies and asthma. He was worried about finding a home for her since she has health issues. She came to us at a great time, because our first hairy child, Gus (also a lab), was getting very old and we knew he didn't have much longer with us.
Gus surprised us though and had several more good years with his new "sister" around. When Gus died at 13 years, Sammy was a great comfort to us.
Sammy has always been a delicate flower - not something you may attribute to a labrador. At 57 lbs, she is petite. She has been epileptic and has had lots of allergies the whole time we've had her. So she eats special vegetarian food and gets only peanut butter and apple slices for treats. I thought I had killed her when we brought home Gipper, our shih tzu/bichon, 2 years ago. She wouldn't even come upstairs without us leashing and pulling her for months, he freaked her out so much. But now they are pals and even play a little. Mostly they eat each other's food whenever they get a chance!
Friday I had to take her to the vet to be checked because she has ANOTHER ear infection (probably from sneaking her "brother's" kibble!) which resulted in ANOTHER hematoma of her ear. The vet gave me steriods and antibiotics, but, worst of all, she gave me "The Talk." Yes, Miss Sam is getting very old (for a lab) and has beginning larygial paralysis.
So, we are giving her extra hugs and kisses and we'll see how it goes...


Carole said...

Aren't Labs the most wonderful dogs. We have a 5year old golden lab named Max and he is my bestest friend. Sam looks like a sweety.
P.S. I just found your blog and really have enjoyed reading it.

Kim said...

Awwwww, what a cute baby! Our old girl has a white beard too. I'm sorry about the health problems, I hope she'll be OK.htt

monica said...

how sad. My parents have had that talk this week from the vet about their dog. It' sooo sad.

Good luck, and hugs from me too.

Anonymous said...

I miss our Sammy! I am glad she is with you. We knew your home would be the best for her! Our love goes out to you.

bekka said...

what a pretty dog! tell me more about her ear infections. you say they're from the kibble? my cocker is plagued with ear infections. never suspected it might be food-related.

jenny waring said... made me cry....and i am not really a "dog person"....i knew sammy as a puppy and i am so happy that she is in such a loving home. she is a beauty.