Monday, February 05, 2007

Hang in there, Birthday Boy!

My younger son, J, had his birthday yesterday at a nearby rock-climbing gym. He had an awesome time. The place was really impressive, with many different types and difficulty-levels of climbs. The two teens on staff were great with the kids. My boys both enjoyed the climbing, especially since wrestling has improved their upper-body strength tremendously. Z (in the red tshirt) really got into it, trying to do the higher-level climbs coded with colored tape on the walls.

It brought back memories of my climbing experiences in Northern California at the Pinnacles. Not something I want to do again, but it is a cool memory.

OK, now both my babies are in the double-digits!


capello said...

double digits? double digits?

oh, man. how's that working out for you?

AnastasiaC said...

Happy Birthday to your youngest boy, Paula!!
how did the baked Alaska go? Ive always thought of trying to make one of those but never have!!!

Emmie said...

Happy Birthday. That is so awesome. I was reminded of my rock climbing sessions. Am out of practice right now but this post just boosted my desire to start again.
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