Monday, August 27, 2007


Changes, changes, changes...
Today I'm going to mail out this name plaque that I made for my Gramma. She just turned 92 yesterday and recently had a pacemaker implanted to keep her heart beating regularly - it was racing too fast and then dropping really slow and skipping beats. The doctor said that she can't live alone anymore so she is moving from her farm into an assisted living facility. This is a huge change - she's only lived in two houses her whole life: her parents' home and her farm with Grampa.
My mom asked me to make her an arty name sign for her door - I guess most of the residents have them. It sounds like a nice place and Gram knows LOTS of the residents already.
We've come a full circle - I learned my artsy craftsy ways from my Gramma and grew up with lots of crafty gifts from her. Now I'm making them for her.


Nancy Bea said...

So cute! You're a wonderful granddaughter. Lots of good wishes going out to your Grandma.

jeannie said...

You did a great job. I will make sure David sees this photo!!!