Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sock Love!

What do you do when big brother is off at camp for the week, leaving an only child twiddling his thumbs?
Meet "Salmon." He was born this week on my dining table, at the hands of my 10 year old son. On Sunday, when browsing the shelves of the library for Garfield books, J. and I spied this candy store of a book, Stupid Sock Creatures. I see it came out a couple years ago, but I'd never heard of it.
So after a trip to the dollar store for colorful socks and a lesson on using the sewing machine, Mr. Salmon was born. (I love how J. names things - he is so decisive and sure. Illogical. Nonsensical. But very sure.)
Now that J. has created his first monster, I think I just have created one!

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Suse said...

Ha! I love it!