Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Thursday

I had a nice day today. Just to be goofy, here's how it went:
6:30 - Woke up, late for me. Made coffee. Read my Bible and prayed.
7:00 - Checked my email, my blog, and a couple blog friends.
7:30 - Woke up hubby and poured his coffee. Worked on a flannel blouse I'm making. Got confused in the same area I did the first 2 times I made it. Grrrr.

8:00 - Got the boys up (fortunate homeschoolers get to sleep in!) and got ready for my day.
8:30 - Made everyone breakfast, finished getting ready, prayed with hubby.
9:30 - Homeschool begins! Today I did Bible, Business with both boys, Science with J, Washington History with Z, read a chapter of "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder with J, and helped Z with Geology while J made some digital art. I felt really nice that Z actually needed some help and wanted me there to do science with him! He is such a self-motivated guy, it doesn't often happen!
12:00 - Went to the health food store with J, leaving Z to do his high school French homework at home.
1:00 - Lunch at home with the boys, then made hubby a salad when he got home a little later.
2:00 - Our close teenage friend came over to check her email on our computer, borrow a stamp, discuss Thanksgiving plans, and show me her college winter schedule.
3:00 - I took a nap and then had a very hard time getting awake afterwards.
4:30 - Took a walk with hubby and Gipper. Thankfully, the pouring rain had broken up and it was only drizzling lightly. Gip got soaked on the bottom from the splashes and puddles, but he lucked out 'cause I didn't have time to bathe him afterwards, only a towel-dry.
5:30 - Made dinner: turkey mini-meatloaves, macaroni salad, and steamed asparagus.
6:30 - Sat down and ate with hubby and the boys.
6:50 - Drove Z to his teen bible study group while hubby cleaned up the dishes.
7:30 - Made some business calls, emailed sibs about a Thanksgiving bouquet for our grandma.
8:15 - Made gluten and dairy free almond biscotti with J. They're in the oven now, perfuming the house!

Don't worry, I won't do this all the time. Just goofing off. Isn't the drawing cute? J calls it, "Jewel Bird." He is really a talented kid!

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Lea said...

I love the idea of doing the top in flannel! You'll have to post how that goes....Sounds like a wonderful wonderful day!