Monday, November 12, 2007

Warm Colors of Chilly Autumn

My eye is drawn to the toasty yellows and oranges that warm up our grey, rainy autumn. When I bought these roses at our local warehouse store, they were a pumpkiny orange, but have gone to yellow as they opened. ("Where is your husband? He should buy the roses for you!" the clerk at the store signed to me. "He is buying them," I signed back, "I just got to pick them out!") A big bag of warty gourds was only a couple dollars and helped to fill up my fall-decorated mantel. My grandma gave me her sweater when I admired it last June when I visited. The backyard is covered with maple leaves and needs to be raked, now that the big tree is finally bare. Time for a family project!

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Nancy Bea said...

Lovely colors and shapes! Hey, I think I bought the same bag of warty gourds at our local Trader Joe's...irresistable!