Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday, my 10 year old and I went grocery shopping for all of the ingredients for our "family Thanksgiving" meal on Friday. He was saying how much he LOVES Thanksgiving and how we ought to do it more than once a year. Then he figured out that six months from now would be the end of May - which is when we typically finish our homeschool year. "Perfect!" he cried, "We can celebrate our thankfulness that school is over! We'll call it..... SPRINGGIVING!"
This guy cracks me up! I am raising a from-scratch chef who looks down his nose at all the pre-made pies in the freezer section and the boxes of stuffing mix on the shelves. I told him he had better learn to cook in case his wife doesn't know how to make all these things by hand. So he has declared that he is going to help us with all phases of the Thanksgivng preparations this year, to get educated.

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