Friday, May 09, 2008

In the Garden of Weedin'

Today was the first day of the church's teen choir plant sale, and my sweet son had gotten me a gift certificate (with his own money, not dad's!) for Mother's Day. So we went down and supported the choir's summer tour with a little shoppin'.

Although the maple pollen is considerably less than last year's, it still whacked me today. I weeded a few hours and ended up wheezy and stuffy-headed. Oh well, rain is predicted again tomorrow and it will wash down the pollen count again. I hate to see my tulips engulfed in dandelions and those nasty jumping-seedy weeds, but between the rain and the pollen, I'm not getting done very quickly! I hope to get my new plants in while they're healthy.

On the changing-from-homeschooling-to-school front, things are going very well. J is loving the local school: coming home with tales of new friends and soccer at recess and the principal shaving his legs at assembly (he bet the kids if they made their fundraising goal he'd do it). A big change, but he's taking it well. I'm very proud how brave he is!

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