Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Painting & Parenthood

I'm working on the last bits of the balcony mural - yesterday I did the clematis in the pot on the balcony. I always have loved Clematis "Nelly Moser" and now I have one, ever in full bloom! (click on the photo at left for a bigger view)
In other news, I just set up a "myspace" account, dohh! One of the requirement for our teen's having a facebook/myspace is that his dad and I are his "friends" and we can see what he posts on his general friend profile. For you non-techy parents, it means that you can see his main page and photos, etc. along with the comments that his other "friends" add to his page. It does not mean we can see his private chats. I am continually astounded at parents who do not even know that their kid has a facebook/myspace, much less what the kid is posting on it! It is very eye opening! And did you know that your kid can post to his myspace/facebook remotely, even adding photos and video from his cellphone when he's not even sitting at the computer? Think about it...


Supervised Mama said...

Wow, great painting. You are absolutely amazing!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Two good ideas! I have never managed to grow a healthy clematis but I love them... your mural idea is wonderful!

Two, I know my son has a Facebook account and he has showed it to us, but it never occurred to me to join myself and be one of his "friends" to keep tabs. You are so clever!