Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Twins' Nursery Final Pics

I finally coordinated with the twins' mom today and went over to the house to get my final portfolio shots of my work in the nursery. It looks so cute with the crib up, the teddies up on the high shelf, and the closet full of teeny girlie clothes!
So fun to see my design a reality! Besides the flower border, it was my idea to add the high shelf and paint light blue above it, and to paint the interior of the closet pink. They added the pine plank ceiling and crown molding themselves, and it looks great together!


Sushi Mama said...

So cute! I just thought of something. Do you have a name for your business yet? Like, I don't know... P's Paintings, or P's Passions, or P's Pizazz, or P's Pipsqueeks (cause your projects are like your babies) or uhhhhh P's Projects (sounds too engineerish). Can shorten it to P's P. *gigglesnort* -_- Too much caffeine. Anyway, congrats looks great!

Supervised Mama said...

It's beautiful!! I love that closet. What an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

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