Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ring Around the Rosy, a Border Full of Posies!

I think the nursery's done! Gotta go back Monday with a clear eye and look it over for touch-ups before I toss out the paint cups. I think this was a great learning project for me. Here's what I learned from it:

- It took me 20 hours of work to paint 28 feet of this border.
- I need to determine my working schedule with the client and if I can be in the house unattended.
- Working in a room still under construction is interesting! Need to keep all my things together in a portable tray or rack so that if someone moves my stuff, it won't spill or get lost.
- I am allergic to cats and fluffy dogs and I need to be able to limit their access while I work.
- Always have papertowel and clean water at the ready before you start!
- Determine what your paint-clothes are so you don't ruin your entire wardrobe.
- Remember to stretch out and to eat and drink regularly so you don't get shaky and sloppy.
I'm going to bring my tripod and get official "after" shots for my portfolio next week, after they get the crib and other furniture set up. Yay!


Supervised Mama said...

Congrats, it looks beautifil!

Sushi Mama said...

Wonderful. Nothing like actually doing a project to learn what works, and what works better!

Gina said...

Oh that is so beautiful!