Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Week on the Wall and on the Sewing Machine

Now that the nursery is done, I'm working on finishing my balcony mural... I finished the floor, the pot, and the vine. Flowers and a curtain to go.
By the way, the nursery was done in the nick of time! The twins were born early, 3 days after I finished and they just put the furniture in and the crib up!

Sorry not much to share. I worked on a quick costume for my son this week for the Freshman Homecoming skit, so I hope to have good pics to show you tomorrow!

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Moisés AZAÑA said...

Hermoso cuadro. Suplanta, creativamente, la ausencia de aquel balcón soñado, y de la vista que, creo yo, anhelas ver.

¿Es tu creación?