Thursday, September 04, 2008

Update on the Mural Painting Biz

Here's what the balcony mural looks like today. I haven't got it done as fast as I thought I would, for several reasons: running to the store again and again for the required school supplies, running to the school to pay lab fees and bring forgotten lunches, and getting distracted with some sewing projects.
But I'm still pleased with the progress, I like how the sun shines through the railing onto the floor. You can see I still need to finish the floor and the pot of flowers on the balcony. I have lined up my next project: a baby nursery for twin girls! I met with my client and got her input, now I'm going to make some sketches for her. I also have leads on two other future jobs!!

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Sushi Mama said...

Hey! Your seagull has feet now. ^_^ Looking good, the shadowing you were working on with the railings look great. Looking forward to seeing how you work with the curtain portion.