Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School for the First Time

Weird, weird, weird! Yesterday felt so weird! After nine years of homeschooling my 14 year old and his 11 year old brother, they both went off to school for their first day yesterday. Z is a freshman in high school and J is a 6th grader at the neighborhood elementary. Both of them are already very comfortable at the schools: J tried his on for size last spring for 6 weeks, and Z has been taking math and French at the high school for two years and has club wrestling practice there too. But yesterday was weird - they were both gone all day at the same time!
The first day went pretty well for both of them. J has most of his buddies from last year in his same classroom, and he has hit it off with his new teacher already, although she has a rep as the "stricter" of the two 6th grade teachers. He came home exhausted and hungry.
Z had a bit more adventure at the high school. He was threatened with a "swirlie" by a senior who "didn't like" his wrestling sweatshirt. Thankfully the senior was accompanied by another who knows Z (and his abilities) from the wrestling club and he talked him down. On another threatening-in-a-different-way note, Z is the ONLY GUY in his PE aerobics class last period. Whoo-hoo! Z and 30 girls!

I neglected to take any back-to-school photos, stunned as I was in the a.m. sprint yesterday, so here is a pic of me at work on my mural for your viewing pleasure...


Sushi Mama said...

I feel out of the times. What's a "Swirlie"? No comment on the aerobics class.

Moisés AZAÑA said...

Ups... Al parecer sí es tu creación. Si es así, continúa deleitándonos con tu arte.