Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Gardening Blitz!

This weekend, great progress was made in our front yard freedom garden! While hubby and our older son dug 2 deep holes to plant the fruit trees on the west half of the garden, our younger son and I dug out the foundation of our first cedar 3 x 8' veggie bed. Our front yard slopes gradually from the house to the perennial bed and retaining wall, so when we set down the frame, we needed to dig out about 3 inches on the upper edge so the frame was level in the ground. Then we took out the sod at an angle until the inside of the bed was also level. It's all ready to fill and plant!

I really appreciated the Mother's Day labor the guys gave me to get the trees in - the ground was NOT easy to dig out: LOTS of rocks and roots. Thank you again!!
Here, lastly, you can see the two halves of the front yard, now that all the former plantings are gone. The flag pole on the ground to the right is the property line. The boulders in the center will be moved as the garden progresses. Our first veggie bed is on the far upper right of the yard, next to the stone path in lovely full-day sun - Wahoo! Haven't had any of that to work with in the seven years we've been here!
You can see the lines in the lawn where I had boards lying to place the future veggie beds. And see how the house casts a shadow? That's why there will be a path along there, not veggies!

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Anonymous said...

Looking good! Well, if you decide you want another tomato plant, or five, just give me a holler. -Ema